CPA Services


We commonly see small businesses that cannot afford full time CPAs on staff.

As a result...

  • Financial statements may or may not be accurate and/or complete
  • Transactions may or may not be recorded correctly
  • Profit/Loss and financial position may or may not be an accurate reflection of business performance

As a small business owner...

  • Do you struggle to make financial decisions because of confusion over tax implications?
  • Do you lose sleep at night worrying about the numbers?
  • Are you maximizing the tax advantages available to you?

The NOVA Tax Group Small Business Program offers full time access to a CPA at a fraction of what it would cost you to have a full time CPA on staff.

Features of the program:

  • Get an accurate and realistic look at the business
  • Access to professional advice on tax implications
  • Advice on accounting transactions and accounting events throughout the year
  • Reconciliation of accounting records with bank statements
  • Quarterly review of accounting records and financial statements to ensure compliance

Benefits to you:

  • Maximize tax advantages
  • Maintain a complete and accurate set of financial statements
  • Get an accurate and realistic look at the business
  • Simplify the process of applying for additional capital and increase your chances of getting the loan
  • Decrease annual tax preparation fees
  • Clarity is comfort. Clarity is power.

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